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Piano Concert Hall

Music Appreciation + Review

Welcome to Music Appreciation!  Designed specifically for those who have always wanted to learn about music, this course explores music history and development, and how music and the arts enrich our lives
culturally and economically. 


During our live lectures we explore the many ways music has helped to shape and has been shaped by human, societal, and technological developments over the past
half millennium.

Meet Your Professor

Through creative programming and enthusiasm for engaging audiences and musicians of all ages, Andrew Lyon has built a reputation as an exciting conductor with an eye on the future of the orchestra and its repertoire. As an educator and arts advocate, Andrew's goal is for everyone to enjoy their time with music, be it as a performer, student, or patron. His work on and off the podium centers on the mission that audiences should have a strong understanding of how music contributes to their lives, as citizens, taxpayers, and parents...

About: About
Image by Yingchou Han

“Professor Lyon has a knack for making
music much more than just a bunch of old composers and melodies.  The modern twist he puts on it all makes it easy to relate to, especially for people who don't usually listen to classical music.”

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