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Special Series Programs

From Then Until Now

6 Classes

We look at how the forms of today’s orchestral music got their start back in the Renaissance Era; evolved over the next few centuries; and are now used in every facet of music and life.

Europe to The New World

7 Classes

This series is an overview of how the great musical traditions established by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven continue to influence nearly all modern music making and marketing practices worldwide today.

The Whole of Music History


(These classes are perfect for music majors getting ready for their grad school entrance exams)

10 Classes

This series focuses exclusively on music history – from Middles Ages up through the 20th Century – and is topped off with an overview of music’s development in the U.S. (Colonial-Blues-Jazz-Musical Theatre).

Concert Hall

All’s Fair in Love and Sport

9 Classes

Focusing on standard orchestral repertoire, we’ll look at how the genre developed over time – including a two-class rendezvous with the Romantics – and how music impacts life and sports marketing today.

The Works

14 Classes

From Music Basics to Music Therapy, and hit every nook and cranny in between.  The Works series includes all 14 MA+R classes, and saves $140 on Punch Card pricing.

Beyond the Concert Hall

5 Classes


We don’t need no stinkin’ instruments! 

This series focuses exclusively on music's impact on cultural and economic life in the 21st century, particularly acoustics, logistics, economic impact, music education, participation, and therapy.

Writing Music

Customize Your Program

(a la carte)

3 Class Minimum

If you don’t see a series that covers everything you want to learn, we suggest you consider building your own.

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